Fonkelzorg for Internationals

Welcome to Fonkelzorg! We have several practices in the east of Brabant and from those locations we currently provide general practitioner care to approximately 12,000 patients. We do this with a team of more than 40 healthcare professionals.

Fonkelzorg has set up a special care process for international employees or migrant workers. We speak several languages in our Medical Contact Center (currently Dutch, English & Polish) and have the ambition to add several languages more. We do this because we want to speak to you in your own language as much as possible. After all, it is about healthcare which means it’s important that you can express yourself well and we understand your situation and how we can best help you.

If you are a worker-migrant who lives and works in Central or East Brabant, you can register yourself at general practice Fonkelzorg International.


Do you have a medical question and do you want to contact someone? For life-threatening situations, call 112.

We have a dedicated international phone number: 085-079 11 01.

See here how you can contact us.


Healthcare in the Netherlands

Healthcare in the Netherlands is among the best in the world, it may be organized slightly differently than you are normally used to. Look here for more information about healthcare in the Netherlands.


Fonkelzorg has 3 practices where you can go as an international employee. Check out our Locations page to see where we are!

House rules

We cannot and are not allowed to do everything outside a radius of 15 minutes around the practice. Check here for the fine print and our medical disclaimer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look below for frequently asked medical and practical questions.


If you’re a migrant-worker and live and work in Central or East Brabant, you can register yourself at general practice Fonkelzorg International!

Frequently asked practical questions

No, a visit to the general practitioner is free, the costs are paid by your insurance.

Yes, that’s possible! Especially if you live a little further away, you may not want to come to the practice so easily, in many cases we can also make video calls.

We try to help you as much as possible with telephone advice, but if that is not possible, we ask you to come by. It may also be that it really doesn’t make sense to come, in that case we don’t make an appointment because our doctors can better help other people.

Your GP will make a plan together with you to solve your care request. You may have to go to the hospital for this. It is also possible that a visit to the hospital is not wise and that we first try to solve it ourselves.

Please note: the hospital costs money, a visit to the GP is free.

If you live within a radius of 15 minutes from the practice, you can always register, then you will come to our regular practice.

Do you live outside the radius and does your employer not have a partnership? Then we can’t help you (yet). Ask your employer to contact us, so we can see if we can work together.

We would like to know who you are, we do this because we can provide better care. If you suffer from something, we know less well what it could be without a medical history.

You are not obliged to complete the basic medical file, but we strongly recommend it.

Frequently asked medical questions